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The PI Environment

In addition to providing a dynamic and productive multi-disciplinary research and training atmosphere, Perimeter offers a broad range of opportunities to engage with others throughout the community and beyond via social activities, outreach initiatives and cultural events.

Researchers, students and their families enjoy a variety of organized events. These include day tripping excursions in the summer months to canoe the Grand River and winter treks to ski and snowshoe at the Blue Mountain Resort. Other activities include Jam Nights, homecoming BBQ's, family picnics in the park and winter holiday dinners. Sports activities include a weekly pick-up game of road hockey outside the building and, weather permitting, ice hockey on Silver Lake. Many enjoy running and participating in marathons in Waterloo, Toronto, and Ottawa. The Institute also helps foster participation by interested individuals and small groups in a variety of sporting activities throughout Waterloo via soccer leagues, tennis clubs and other organizations.

Contributing to PI's dynamic environment is a commitment to providing a full range of year-round educational outreach opportunities geared toward students, teachers and members of the general public. The programming involves yearly science camps and in-school presentations for students, teacher training workshops, plus monthly forums, lectures and special festivals for members of the general public.

Programs for the general public include a popular monthly lecture series that regularly attracts over 600 people per event. The focus of talks varies, and often includes presentations by preeminent scientists who are visiting PI. Past guest speakers include Edward Witten, Leonard Susskind, Steven Weinberg, Sir Roger Penrose, Paul Steinhardt, Frank Wilczek, Seth Lloyd, John Stachel, Anton Zeilinger, Juan Maldacena and many others.

Complementing the twin research and outreach mandates at PI is "Event Horizons" - an integral mix of concerts by renowned artists, art talks by international figures and informal evenings of jazz. The performances at PI capitalize on the intimacy of the main theatre and provide added opportunities to meet and mingle with artists in the casual atmosphere of the Black Hole Bistro following each presentation. Internationally acclaimed past and upcoming performers at PI include Brian Eno, Emanuel Ax, Tokyo String Quartet, Lynn Harrell, Gil Shaham, James Galway, Richard Goode, and Yo-Yo Ma among many others.